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  • 23.08.2015

Because ours pictures say more than a thousand words

Our organic ice-cream is not just another ice-cream, it is simply unique.

Indy&Pipa is 100% vegan, free from refined sugar, gluten free, soy free and contains only the finest, carefully selected organic ingredients. We make our ice cream by hand and follow a special secret recipe which helps create the best flavor – Indy&Pippa is rich, smooth and creamy.

Ice cream is only as good as the chefs that create it and our magical team is all heart and passion so Indy&Pippa is fulfilled with love, happiness and joy.
One more reason that you should try it. And so you know, it is enough to give us only one chance :)

Because we know you will love every flavor and every bite, we aspire to inspire and that is why you need to follow us.
Search for @indyandpippa_icecream or use #indyandpippa hashtag so we can surprise you, delight you and share our passion with you.

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