Live well with Indy&Pippa ice cream

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Live well with Indy&Pippa ice cream

Imagine all the experiences that our ice cream can bring in a cup of pleasure.

Indy&Pippa Merry Berry Raspberry

Bring a smile to your face!
Raspberries taste of delight.

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Indy&Pippa CHOCO NUTTY Cocoa & Hazelnut

Crazy for minor daily follies.
Chocolate and hazelnut combined will bring out the daredevil in you.

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Indy&Pippa CHOCO JOY Chocolate

Sure to bring you joy.
Chocolate is a flavour giving energy for new experiences of the day.

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Indy&Pippa Love Berry Strawberry

It is like the most beautiful kisses.
It tastes of strawberries shaped like a heart.

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Indy&Pippa Happy nut Hazelnut

It is a chunk of happiness.
Hazelnut is an inspiration for a good life.

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Indy&Pippa Lucky berry Blueberry

It is a friend with beautiful surprises.
Blueberries taste amazing.

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Indy&Pippa Easy mango Mango

The flavour will free your soul.
A teaspoon of mango is strong enough for an unconventional and tranquil life.

Meet the flavours

Where to buy

Search the list of stores and pubs where you can find your favourite organic plant-based ice cream.


About us

Meet the team of experts and visionaries at INDY & PIPPA d.o.o. The company premises are in Trzin.


Indy&Pippa on Instagram

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Check some vegan recipe ideas and meet the team and our satisfied customers.
Indulge yourself with everything nice and live well!

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